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The Aerobat IIB is a simple .25-size aerobatic airplane.  Big wheels mounted on aluminum gear make for easy operation off of grass fields or even gravel roads.  A fully symmetrical airfoil with no dihedral gives it inverted flight characteristics that are very similar to its upright characteristics, and nearly full- span ailerons provide a rapid roll rate.  An O.S. 25FX or similar engine with a 9X6 prop produces enough thrust to nearly hover and the Aerobat’s big control surfaces on the tail prove very effective when in this mode of flight.  A friend of mine also built an electric-powered Aerobat (see pictures in the Gallery and on the Diamond Aces website- it’s the yellow one).  He lightened the structure somewhat, and came up with a flying weight of less than 2.5 lbs - about 37 oz - and uses an 11X5.5 E prop turned by a 3542-1000 kv motor powered by a 3-cell, 2200 mAh lipo battery.  This configuration out- performs the glow-powered version in vertical capability and still retains the all-around good flying qualities of the original. The Aerobat was designed as an easy-to-build, solid flying, simple to maintain, throw-it-in- your-car-and-fly-anywhere, do-anything-without-worrying-about-wrecking-it kind of airplane.  I’ve had many many hours of fun with this one and its two predecessors (the Aerobat and Aerobat II).  At one point I clipped 4 inches off each wingtip which gave a much faster roll rate with only slightly reduced slow flight characteristics.  Probably my favorite RC model of all time.

Aerobat 2B

Specifications: Wingspan:  48 inches Weight:  3.5 - 4 lbs Wing Area: 396 sq. in. Power:  .25 2-stroke Prop: 9X4 or 9X6