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The Little Pitts is meant to be a decent-flying, fun little park flyer that still looks very close to scale.  Technically, it is a 1/10 scale Pitts S-2B, which gives it a 24-inch wingspan.  It was designed around E-Flite’s Park 450 motor, an 890 Kv motor designed for up to 14 Amps continuous current.  With a 3-cell Li-Po battery, this may be overkill for the Little Pitts, which has a target flying weight of 16 oz, (but extra power is always nice to have on hand).  Construction is mostly balsa and is fairly conventional.  The landing gear legs and cabane struts are 1/16” music wire.  I’m hoping to find an appropriately-shaped plastic bottle to use for the canopy, to eliminate the need to vacuum-form it. Check back here for status.

Little Pitts