A 1/5.5 size sport-scale version of one of the most easily-recognizable biplanes around.  This version is made for a good .46-size glow engine, such as the O.S. 46FX, with an in-cowl Pitts-style muffler.  Plans come with a set of building instructions.   SPECS: Span: 44 inches Wing Area: 595 square inches Weight: approx. 5.5 lbs Power: .46 2-stroke, or 4-stroke or electric of similar power


High speed, good looks, rapid roll rate, and great maneuverability in a .25-size package.    SPECS: Span: 42 inches Wing Area: 331 square inches Weight: 3.5 to 4 lbs Power: .25 to .32 2-stroke glow engine


An easy-to-build and set up, sturdy, great-flying sport plane.  Designed for a .21 to .25 size glow engine, though electric power has also been very successfully tried in this one.  Construction manual is included with the plans.   SPECS: Span: 48 inches Wing Area: 396 square inches Weight: 3.5 - 4 lbs Power: .25 2-stroke glow or similar electric


The Little Pitts is a completely new design (not just a scaled-down version of our 1/5.5 scale Pitts S- 2B), made for electric power.  Designed around an E-Flite Park 450 brushless motor and 3S Li-Po battery, all-up weight is targeted at 16 oz, wingspan is 24”.
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